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[PRS TD1] - Basic first aid kit - Basic first aid kit in a plastic case.

Basic first aid kit

CAD 24.95

[PRS TD1012] - Cramer "Varsity jr" kit - Rugged, high-impact plastic construction makes this a roomy, lightweight kit. Rounded corners are easy to clean. Features a removable small-item tray. 20" x 9 3/8" x 10 3/4".
PRS TD1012

Cramer "Varsity jr" kit

CAD 198.95

[PRS TD1016] - Medical first aid fanny pack - Medical first aid fanny pack.
PRS TD1016

Medical first aid fanny pack

CAD 29.95

[PRS TD3] - Basic first aid kit - Basic first aid kit in a 16" soft case.

Basic first aid kit

CAD 39.95

[PRS TD4] - "Coach team" kit - Coach team soft-sided medical kit.

"Coach team" kit

CAD 84.95

[PRS TKM100] - Backpack bag for medical - Nylon backpack bag, includes tape roll holder, 12 storage compartments, laptop holder and rain cover.

Backpack bag for medical

CAD 59.95

[PRS TKM100R] - Refill kit - First aid set : triple antibiotic ointment (1), Cramer Instant Cold Pack (1), elastic wrap (1), Cramer Cinder Suds soap (1), sterile eye wash (1), alcohol wipes (15), bandage pack (1), tongue depressors (5), applicators (5), povidone iodine pads (15), foot powder (1), sports injury care handbook (1), Atomic balm analgesic (1), Tuf-Skin taping base (1), Cramer pocket mirror (1), roll athletic tape (1), Iso-Quin hand wash (1), Zip Cut tape cutter (1), universal sling (1), skin lube lubricant (1), roll tape underwrap (1), finger splint (1). Kit contents may vary.

Refill kit

CAD 89.95