[BAD AGRIP] - Ultimate grip - The ultimate grip, lenghtens the life or your racquet's handle.

Ultimate grip

CAD 4.95

[BAD BK150] - BLACK KNIGHT Sceptre racket - Institutional BLACK KNIGHT Sceptre racket, light and tough aluminum frame, steel shaft with reinforced "T" joint, solid wood handle, long lasting nylon grommets, good weight/resistance ratio.

BLACK KNIGHT Sceptre racket

CAD 21.95

[BAD BK180] - BLACK KNIGHT the Beast racket - The strongest on the market. Institutional BLACK KNIGHT the Beast racket, aluminum frame 42% thicker than normal, steel shaft 15% thicker than normal with reinforcet «T» joint, Double Grip special system : if the original grip wears down, it can be removed, along with the underlying wrapping, to reveal a new grip.

BLACK KNIGHT the Beast racket

CAD 24.95

[RQT BK350] - Reflex Racquetball racquet - "Reflex" aluminum Racquetball racquet.

Reflex Racquetball racquet

CAD 39.95

[RQT SQ3263] - Youth Squash racquet - 25" junior size aluminum Squash racquet.
RQT SQ3263

Youth Squash racquet

CAD 34.95

[RQT SQ3310] - Squash racquet - Aluminum Squash racquet.
RQT SQ3310

Squash racquet

CAD 39.95

[RQT SQ3700] - Aluminum/graphite Squash racquet - Aluminum/graphite squash racquet.
RQT SQ3700

Aluminum/graphite Squash racquet

CAD 59.95