[ARE ABDP] - DEK Hockey anchors - Anchors for DEK Hockey with velcro system. This system avoids drilling DEK Hockey tiles. Quickly installed by gluing a velcro patch on the surface of DEK Hockey. Set of 4.

DEK Hockey anchors

CAD 279.95

[ARE ABHP] - Ice hockey anchors - Anchors for ice hockey with adjusyable points. Can increase or decrease the resistance to the stalling of hockey goals. Set of 4.

Ice hockey anchors

CAD 279.95

[ARE EEGB] - Anchors and pole protectors - Set of anchors and pole protectors for ice hockey goalie training. Provided in a carrying case, these heavier anchor rods and EDGE goal post protectors allow the goalkeeper to move from post to post without damaging his blades and goal posts. (This system should be used under adult supervision to prevent injury. Never use as goal anchors during a match.)

Anchors and pole protectors

CAD 249.95